Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Update for the Day

Still no AF. Took a test because I bought two and I couldn't wait until morning. Haha. It was negative though. I am going to take the other one in the morning I guess. Or I might just wait it out a few more days to see what happens.... Because if I am pregnant (ovulated when I should have on my last cycle), it would be showing up by now, no matter what time I take it. I figured out that if I ovulated when I was supposed to get my period instead, then my next period would be on the 21st. So if by some miracle I got pregnant when I was actually supposed to get my period, then it would still be early for testing.... I don't know. Maybe I will just take it and buy more if AF doesn't show again by Sunday and the test turns out to be a BFN.

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