Friday, August 31, 2012

27 Weeks 6 Days

The last birthing class went really well last night. We had twelve stations set up for different breathing techniques and exercises. She also showed the husband/partners (an my mom) how to do certain pressure points on the lower back and hips during labor. It felt great! I can only imagine how good it will feel while in labor and to relieve back labor! :-)

I am SOOO looking forward to fall and all the great things that associate with it! Cool weather, beautiful colors, great food, and family time! And of course baby will be joining us in late fall! :-) 

We have a 3D ultrasound scheduled for the 15th! I can't wait to see little one!!! Later that same evening Alex is having a beer and diaper party; he is looking forward to it! We also booked a vacation for Bayfield, WI on my birthday weekend on September 22nd/23rd. Going to have maternity pictures done with my good friend Hannah of Stonehouse Photography! :D Very, VERY excited about that!!!

I finished setting up the crib how I wanted it to be when baby comes home :-)

The first picture is of the wall decor and the Rainbow Fish books I have. I thought it would be cute since I have the Rainbow Fish bedding temporarily until we have the baby shower after little one gets here. The second picture is just things all ready for baby!

Plus here is this week's belly picture! :-)

Friday, August 24, 2012

26 Weeks 6 Days

Class last night was good. It consisted mostly of birthing videos and more breathing exercises. Next week is the last week! Sad, but I've learned a lot, so I feel way better and ready for the birth of this baby :-)

I've also started to notice patterns in baby kicks. Certain times of the day he/she kicks more and also certain foods! It's adorable...I LOVE it!

Here is this week's belly picture! Getting rounder and cuter!!! :D Making me get more excited!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting Ready

I've been doing a lot more things to get ready for baby :-) Minor things, since I have 90% of the major things done already! :-) I even have my hospital bag pretty much ready to go!!!

I have boy/girl outfits, blankets, hats, mittens, burp rags, cloth diapers; all my bathroom stuff and nursing night gown outfit, breast pads, chap stick, relaxing "pillow spray" from Bath & Body Works, and I have swimming trunks for Alex for getting in the tub with me or supporting me in the shower. :-)

I am definitely getting more excited for baby to be here!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

25 Weeks 6 Days

The third class last night was great :-) More informative stuff on procedures and medications you can have during labor. Even after all of the dangers were pointed out about epidurals and being induced, I'm still the only one in the class wanting to do everything natural.... We got to tour the labor and delivery wing of the hospital as well. I had already seen it because of having to go in because baby wasn't moving. But it was awesome to learn about the safety measures the hospital has to make sure your baby cannot go missing!!! They just finished building this new wing last year, so everything is "state of the art" and it's a 'locked-down' facility; meaning the doors are locked and have to be opened by a nurse who is sitting on the other side. It makes me feel safer and makes me love that hospital even more!! :-) They were explaining how the arm bands work and how they also clip a special chip onto the baby's umbilical cord stump that if someone tried to take the baby beyond a certain point, an internal alarm would sound and the whole wing goes on lock down until the baby is accounted for. Also, they were talking how they used to check babies and bath them right away, and now they don't; they allow bonding time and wait until the baby has had at least two good breast feedings. That is awesome! I am just blown away with how they are starting to incorporate more natural techniques in, but can still be so high-tech with everything else if women want it. You order your dinner from the TV! And set up a time for your free postpartum massage on the TV as well (That's right! They give all new moms a free massage! SCORE!!). Anyways, I digress....
Here is this week's belly picture!!

I think my belly is going the wrong way (back in!)!!! LOL! But I am definitely carrying high!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby Things!

I love baby clothes!! And when I see something adorable, I can't help but buy them!! Here are my newest finds!

Plus I found an awesome company to buy Baltic amber teething/healing necklaces from :-) I bought one for me and one for baby

Friday, August 10, 2012

How to Turn Skinny Jeans into Fabulous Flares (That You'll Want to Wear!)

I bought this pair of maternity jeans by Oh Baby from Kohls on clearance for $10 (down from $65). I HATE skinny jeans with a passion, but I figured I could modify them to my liking for that price! So I went to Joann's and bought some super cute fabric for a steal of a price as well!

Total Cost: $16

Here is how I did it! I started out with these:

I started by having the pants on and marking how far up the leg I wanted to have the fabric. Basically where I felt comfortable since the legs were so restricted. I just marked it with a pin on one side, measured, and marked it on the other pant leg the same measurement.

Now, I have NEVER used a seam riper in my life, but once I figured it out, it was super easy!! I just opened up the legs up to the point where I had marked.

Once done with that, I decided how big I wanted the leg hole at the bottom to be. I decided to use 6" on fabric at the bottom, so I cut it to measurement, pinned it at the bottom of the pant leg, flattened it out, and pinned it at the top where I had cut the pant leg open to.

I decided to use stitch witchery to adhere the cute fabric to the jeans. I measured and cut, and pinned it in place as the iron heated up.

Once the iron was ready, I followed the instructions and had a damp cloth on top of where I was ironing, and then pressed for ten seconds on each spot that needed heat. I then removed the pins and repeated the process.

After both legs were "glued" together, I trimmed the excess fabric and decided I wanted to add extra "security" by sewing the jeans a fabric together as well.

As you can see, I did the sewing by hand, and quickly, for a cute flirty look, and so it didn't have a mechanical finish. Now if you are making it, you could finish it however you wanted, either by machine or by hand :-)

And wearing the finished product (with my fur baby Harvey photo bombing. Haha!)!!!

24 Weeks 6 Days

Week two of birthing class last night was great! :-) It was awkward at first with my mom, but after the class got going a little bit, it was better. We practiced our breathing techniques and learned more on the stages of labor. My mom did a fantastic job being a coach and I'm hoping that even though Alex doesn't want her in the room while I am in labor, I will at least be able to have her at the hospital in case I need her if he can't comfort me.

The instructor also was talking about how if you were curious to how long you'd be in labor, you could get an idea from how long your mom was in labor. My mom looks at me and says, "You're lucky! We have good genes!" Apparently my grandma was in labor with her first for eight hours, and it was cut in half for each child she had; so by the time she had my mom, the doctor told her to not be a half hour away from a hospital at all times when she was close to term. My mom labored with my brother for eight hours (even though he was two and a half weeks overdue before she was induced!) and was only in labor with me for four and a half hours (she was induced the day after I was due). I'm hoping I get the awesome fast labor genes too!!!! Hahaha!!

Today I had a fun day out with Laura shopping :-) We of course HAD to look at baby clothes!! I found several outfits I loved, both of girl a boy, so she made a deal with me, I buy one and she will buy the other, so we have one of each gender (since she knows!!!!!)! She also wanted a picture of me with both outfits. So here ya go:

Plus we can't forget this week's belly picture!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Loyalty, Love, Trust

There is nothing more touching than someone who is completely devoted to their pet.  This image has touched myself, and now soooo many others as it has gone viral. I am so excited and happy for my friend Hannah (who captured the image), but also for this man and his dog; as complete strangers pour out their hearts and want to help this pair  ♥

"This is 19 year old Shep being cradled in his father's arms last Tuesday night in Lake Superior. Shep falls asleep every night when he is carried into the lake. The buoyancy of the water soothes his arthritic bones. Lake Superior is very warm right now, so the temp of the water is perfect. John rescued Shep as an eight month old puppy, and they've been inseparable ever since."

She will be posting more images, and is in the process of setting up a fund and a way to buy the image if you so desire (all proceeds go to benefit Shep and towards his vet bills). Please follow her on her Facebook page to keep up to date on John and Shep! :-)

EDIT: Here are a couple articles with more information :-);mostpopvideo

Saturday, August 4, 2012


As some of you may notice, there are some changes I made as far as commenting goes on my blog. I will now require that the comments are approved before being visible.

It has come to my attention that there are women stalking my blog; women whom I had stopped communicating with a LONG time ago because they are catty and have always been bitches to me. They tend to come here and start drama because I have them blocked on Facebook and I am not a part of their groups. I loved having the comments open for anyone to post, and I never thought that I would have to worry about stalking-catty women looking for drama, posting all over my blog.

So I apologize to my loyal readers that have always been loving and open. Your comments will still be viewed and approved, it will just take a little longer before they show up! :-)

P.S. To those saying I am immature for deleting the comments; have you looked at your own actions lately? Like smearing me all over your groups on Facebook or your blogs; and then continually attacking me on my own blog and obviously stalking me. It's not only immature, it's sad and pathetic.

Ranting Because I Can (and My Hormones are Off the Charts)

Attachment parenting. I hate it; well, 90% of it.
Extreme; and wasteful energy spent on catering to your child(ren); and by that I mean beyond the obvious care, love, and nurturing they need.
Baby wearing: great for out in public... At home while you are doing the dishes or cooking? Yeah, no. Beyond the age of two? Also a no; children have legs, they can use them!
Co-sleeping=dangerous. I've read horror stories of people rolling over on their child and suffocating them. Also, the bed should be for you and your husband ONLY! It is where we make love, and is NOT for a child. I was reading a blog where a woman and her husband were having sex with their 18 month old in the bed. SICK and soooo wrong!!!!! I will NEVER have my child in my bed, no matter how tired I am or what time of night it is!
Responding to "cues": I don't believe in letting them sit and cry it out. But they do not need to be picked up at every little peep they make either. That will just lead to them crying for attention or trying to get what they want.
Extended breast feeding (past two years of age)=excessive and emotionally damaging; not to mention embarrassing when your child pulls up your shirt in public or asks to nurse. I plan on breast feeding to a year old; after that, I feel there is no need for it.
No "discipline"=have you seen kids in our society now days?! They are lacking discipline and running over everyone!
Honestly....I was spanked, I slept in my own bed, and I didn't suck at my mother's tit until I was three, and I am a healthy, intelligent, well mannered, well rounded, and well behaved individual. There is a fine line, and I think what everyone needs to do as a parent is come up with what works best for them. My child will have time outs, and they will have spankings (as a last resort). They will know to respect their elders, and they will know the consequences if they don't. Also, just because I am going to discipline my children does not mean that I will not be a loving and nurturing mother.
Sorry...just really had to get that out. I'm sick of people who do attachment parenting trying to shove it down others' throats like they are better than everyone else because they do it. You want to have a needy child, fine; my child will be independent and behave because he/she will have learned from an early age. Some call me close-minded, immature, ignorant, etc. I honestly don't care about your opinions because there is no such thing as a perfect parent. I will parent how I see fit, and so will you. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one; so be on your merry way and stop trying to bash me.

Friday, August 3, 2012

23 Weeks 6 Days

Well last night was fun! I had my first birthing class :-) There were about 22 couples total. Sadly, Alex isn't able to make the classes since he works long hours. My mom is going to go with me to the other ones, but she couldn't go last night either because if work; so I had my friend Laura along :-) They started out by having us all introduce ourselves, say our due date, what we are having (I was the only one in the class that wanted to be surprised...), what we were most surprised or excited about, and what we were looking to get out of the class. The men has to answer as well. Haha! Sadly, their answers were disheartening about how they felt about their future child...most said they weren't excited about anything. :-/ All of the women said they were looking for general information about labor and only one other said looking for relaxation techniques. Then they split up the men and women into groups and had us make a list of what questions we wanted answers to during the 5 week class duration. I said I wanted to learn more about natural birth and pain management techniques and then sat quietly while the other ladies came up with some. What is really funny is I knew the answers to all of their questions. All that information in the book they give every patient at their first prenatal visit! I wanted to yell at them, "why haven't you read your book?!" So, not only am I the youngest in the class, I am also apparently the most prepared... After we separated back into couples, she went over a slideshow about general easy terminology and then we watched a short video of introduction to labor. Then she handed out some sheets about what to bring, etc and a sheet of how going natural is liking running a marathon, and said how people who want to go natural are considered crazy (because people who run marathons are crazy, and since the two can be similar...). All the women looked at me when she said that... I guess I'm crazy, since you know, I want to do what our bodies are made to do naturally... Idiots. The whole damn class.
Anyways... Here is this week's belly picture! I "popped" more again this week! :D