Monday, September 6, 2010

Amazing Weekend!

Had a lot of fun on Friday night! Saturday evening we drove up to Ashland and stayed the night up there with Luke and Elaina. We ended up going to the Walmart and bought a Nerf ball to toss back and forth. That was fun, until it hit my car! Hahaha! Then on Sunday morning we headed up to Bayfield and met up with Alex's parents since they were up there camping. We all went on a four mile hike to see the "sea" caves on Superior. That was pretty neat! After that we went back to Bayfield adn Luke and Elaina headed home and we grabbed lunch at a very nice local resturant. Alex's parents decided that they wanted to see the caves from the water. So we put the boat in and drove the shoreline to find where we hiked to. It was so amazing!!! Then we also drove the boat over to one of the Apostle Islands (Sand Island) and visited the lighthouse there. It was so beautiful!! After we got back to shore we went back to Bayfield and walked around and went in a few shops. We got home at about 11pm last night. I can't wait to head back up there in October.
Today was another great day! We slept in really late and have just been hanging out around the house basically all day and being lazy. I love our life!

P.S. I should be ovulating this weekend! I am crossing my fingers!!! :D

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