Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Start

A lot has gone on since Christmas. I only had a tiny bit of spotting for 3 days. The whole amount wasn't even enough to fill one pad. So I finally talked with my doctor yesterday and I got a blood test done today. I should know by Monday if I am pregnant or not. I have had several BFN on HPT. But Alex and I talked again about the infertility program and Alex said we can do it!! So I will be speaking with someone tomorrow and getting the ball rolling for that. It's going to be a great start of the new year!!!

Thank you for reading!!!


  1. Sounds like you're in the same spot as hubby and I (minus the potential pregnancy). We have our first appointment with the fertility specialist on the 5th.

    Here's wishing us both luck. May 2011 bring us the babies that were taken from us in 2010.

  2. That's great news Hannah... Happy 2011!!

  3. PS, fingers crossed you get a bfp on Monday x