Tuesday, March 8, 2011

R.I.P. Aaron Robert Anderson ♥

Six years ago today Alex's brother was killed in a car accident.

Ever since Alex and I started dating (eight months after the accident), I have wished that I had the opportunity to know his brother. All the stories that his family tell and all of their fun memories. I always wonder if he would have liked me (Alex says he would have), or what life would be like today if he was still around. Would we have bought this house? Would he come to visit a lot? Would we do game nights together? I have never experienced this feeling of longing that will never be fulfilled. Sometimes I have to catch myself because I will just randomly think that Alex is an only child. I know that this will be something that I will have to eventually get used to because there is no time machine.

Hopefully things will get better and Alex and I will be able to talk about him, and I will be able to say that I knew him through Alex

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