Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost Two Weeks

I am so proud of myself. I have been doing my diet for a week and a half and it's going great so far! I think wht helps is not lying to myself. I know that I will cheat every now and then, so what I have been doing is every day or every other day I have one small junky food just to satisfy my craving :-) I am slowly weaning myself off of it so I don't give my system a shock all at once. This is going to be a lifestyle change. Once I hit my goal for the weight loss, I'm not going to just dump the diet. I will maintain the loss :-) I am super exited about my goal of being in my skinny jeans by next summer!!!

I am still battling myself over the fact that I'm not pregnant this cycle. A part of me wants to run straight into the doctors office and start the steps for the IUI. But the other part of me knows that it is best to loose some weight and wait to do the IUI until February. I may wait until March. It really all depends in my cycles. it's an internal struggle I have been dealing with since we decided we are going to do the IUI. I have Alex's support either way, and I want to wait because I know it will be best, but it is definitely hard...

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