Sunday, September 16, 2012

Most Amazing Experience

We had the 3D ultrasound yesterday (12 hours ago. haha!) and it was awesome!!! We got to see little peanut blink, stick his/her tongue out, suck on their hand, and move around soooo much!! We also found out that baby has hair!!! We obviously couldn't tell how much, but she showed us how she picked it up and there is a little bit there! Too cute! Here are a few pictures!

Tonight is also Alex's beer and diaper party. We are doing cloth, but wanted back ups for trips, out and about, and at family's houses. We both agreed it would just be easier that way :-) Here was the invitations I had made and sent out!!

I thought they were cute :-) I'm still up waiting for him to call because I'm the designated driver and cab for anyone who needs a ride. But this momma is going to need some major sleep because I'm getting tired fast!


  1. Love the 3D pics, adorable!!!!
    I really like the Beer and Diaper invite as well, masculine and cute at the same time lol