Monday, September 24, 2012

Perfect Birthday Weekend

We had so much fun in Bayfield this weekend! We left home at 5am so we could get up there and enjoy a full day of roaming and shopping and fun. We stopped on the way for breakfast at a little place in Trego. Then once we got to the lake, we hit a couple of beaches before heading into town. Once in town we visited some shops before hitting more beaches and roaming the area. Then grabbed lunch and checked into out hotel room at Winfield Inn. I was exhausted at this point, so we decided to take a two hour nap and once we got up, we went to Big Water Cafe in town and I got a hot caramel apple cider. It was freaking amazing!!! Then we hit more beaches (yes, we love walking the beaches and looking for agates and other random fun things we can find), and then went back to the hotel at dark. We decided on a relaxing night in, and showered and changed into PJs. Then we ordered deliver pizza from a local pizza place (which was the best pizza I have ever had!!!!! SOOOOOO yummy!!!) and once the guy came, we opened the door and in came a cat! Hahaha!! We called the office and it was the owners cat, and we said we didn't mind if she hung out with us for a while, and the owner agreed, but the kitty had a 10pm curfew. Haha!! So we ate pizza while watching Ratatouille and hanging out with the hotel owner's cat :-) We stayed up for a while after we sent Rosey (the cat) home and then crashed while watching the Mask. Sunday morning we got up at 8am and Laura did my hair and we went for breakfast before our maternity shoot at 11am. After breakfast we had some time to kill yet, so we hiked around this wooded creek area right in the middle of town. It was so pretty! Then at 11am we met with Hannah and had a fun, fabulous shoot! She wants us to move up there so bad! Hahahaha!!! We love her!!! :D After the shoot we hit one more beach before heading home. We stopped at Tremblay's Sweet Shop in Hayward and bought a TON fo candy and sweets. Probably enough to last a year! lol. Once home we cuddled the puppies and relaxed and went to bed early! Ha! 
Anyways, here are some of the pictures!! 

It was cold and windy when we first got to the lake!!! 

Lunch time! Can you tell we're tired?!

View from our room...

 My yummy hot cider!!!

 Beach at sunset...Still super cold and windy!

The owner's cat that we hung out with for a while. Haha!

Sunday morning before our shoot

Sunday after the shoot on the way home. Last beach we stopped at. It was so gorgeous out! Barely any wind; perfect weather!!!

And of course I have to add one of the maternity shoot! I will add more when I can, but as of right now, she is SUPER busy and this is all I have seen :-) 

I love Alex! He is such a ham, and totally stole the show!!! :D Hannah was ROLLING with laughter after this one!!!


  1. Looks like an amazing time! Haha glad you got a pic of the owner's cat... it was part of the whole experience after all!
    The pics are great I really like the second one with you sitting by the beach, of course the ones with you and hubby and the sunset is beautiful!

    1. Haha!!! Thanks dear!!! The kitty was too sweet not to get a picture of! :-)