Monday, January 7, 2013

6 Weeks Already!

Time has been flying by and I can't believe my little girl is already 6 weeks old! She had her one month check up today (a little late. Haha!) and she is 11lbs 4oz and 22 inches long. She's grow a lot! Here are some pictures from the last six weeks :-)

There is a picture of my mom (memaw), Isabella, and me at her baby shower on December 9th; of course cuddles with daddy and me; meeting great grandma Dora when she was a week old; and one of her and cousin Liam (two months older than her) with my step dad (pepaw) at Christmas.

Here is a picture of her newborn shoot when she was a week old! So adorable!!!

And of course a picture of us as a family on Christmas morning!


  1. Lovely pics of your beautiful daughter! Can't believe she is 6 weeks, wow!

    1. Thanks Shanny!!!!! I can say the same about your little ones!!! They're getting so big!! :D