Friday, May 20, 2011


After a week of loveliness, I don't have AF anymore! I am still debating on what my next move is going to be...  Whether I should wait a month and then go back on birth control or if I should go on it for another month and then skip a month. Just trying to figure out new ways of doing things.

In other news, life is going great! I actually tried "mama cloth" (cloth menstrual pads) and I LOVE them! As soon as I save up, I am going to buy some more and once I have a nice stash of them, I am NEVER going back to disposables! I am also starting a cloth diaper stash :) I have contemplated it for a LONG time and decided a couple months ago that I am going to do cloth diapering. After I did a little research, I bought a few from different companies because some women have said one company works best for their child, while another didn't. It is all depending on your child. So I figured instead of investing all in one company, I would buy ones from all different companies and whichever one works the best, I will buy more from that company :)


  1. I LOVE Mama Cloth! And my cloth diaper stash is full of different brands. And Family Cloth is pretty neat too. (cloth toilet paper). DH won't use it, but I really like it!

    Its great to know more people are learning about cloth diapers and mama cloth!

  2. OMG seriously?! Family cloth? That is so cool! I am going to look it up!!!!

    And I know! I am so happy that I am learning and I can't wait for a little bundle of joy to fill those cloth diapers :D