Friday, October 26, 2012

35 Weeks 6 Days

Only a week and a day until I'm technically considered "full term." Yay!!! :D

Nothing too new going on. I feel like baby has dropped down some, but isn't fully down there yet because I haven't had a lot of pressure. I am getting more anxious about labor....I just want the day to be here and hopefully I won't have to have a c-section for any reason. I'm still hoping to not have any pain meds, but I have been a little lighter on myself that I won't be a failure if I do end up needing something. I have my birth plan printed out and ready to go, birth photographer is booked (not the same one that I had originally planned for, but she takes great pics and is more affordable!), I even have a newborn session booked already! Alex is getting more excited, and as the due date gets closer, he is also getting more protective. He refuses to let me drive at night now because of the unknowns that could happen. It's cute, but a little frustrating at the same time.

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