Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today's Update (since I promised one)

So I after I posted last, is was about a hour before I let the kids get up so we could go out and watch the Blue Angels. By the time we got through bathroom, snack, and sunscreen and got outside, no more flying!!! AH! They were all upset. But another hour later, the Angels were back and flying right over the center!!! It was so much fun and the children loved it! A few were scared by the loudness, but we showed them how to cover their ears and that the planes weren't going to hurt them and they were fine!

Oh, and guess what I got about that time?! My damn monthly gift!!! UGH!!! I am so frustrated and depressed!!!!!! I kept myself from getting my hopes up about being pregnant until yesterday and as soon as I start thinking that its a possibility, I get AF! And this whole two week late shit is pissing me off!!! If I am going to get it, just freaking come on time so I don't go insane!!!!

But I went to the bridal shower and had some fun. I feel bad that I didn't stay longer, but I just didn't feel the greatest and didn't want to be a drag on the party...

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