Friday, October 1, 2010


I called my doctor yesterday and I was only able to talk with the nurse. She looked over my file and said that in there, I wasn't supposed to try Clomid until February. WTF?! I told her that I am tired of waiting. I asked if she knew what it feels like to try for almost two years with no results. She shut up real quick and said she would leave a note for my doctor for her to call me back as soon as she could. I never received a call. So I might be calling them back again today to try to get some answers and get somewhere! Its just so annoying to have to wait and try for so long when there are women who get to try Clomid after only a year of trying. Well its my turn, and I refuse to wait any longer!


  1. Be persistent, a lot of times people with less serious issues get put on the back burner. I had medical issues earlier this year and the only way I got answers and results was to be in their face constantly.

  2. I'm trying... I did call today and they said she had already left for the weekend and that hopefully she will call me Monday. Uhg!
    Thank you for the support!!! :)