Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello Again!

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while. There is really nothing too new here. Just trying to find my place in life. Its been a rough couple of weeks... Just coming down on myself hard about having a baby. I just can't seem to shake the feeling like I will never be a mom....


  1. Keep your chin up! I'm sure you'll be a mom someday! It took my mom 9 years to get pregnant and she had given up hope and everything, but it finally happened! Then she got pregnant again very easily after that! Just don't lose hope!

  2. Thank you Christie. Its hard, but I am trying to keep hope. I just dont want to be one of those people who have to wait that long. I want to be a "young" parent; at least by 25. I don't want to be having a baby in my 30's.