Monday, October 4, 2010

Spoke With the Doc

She said that she still wanted us to wait the six months. But if we really wanted we could start the Infertility Program at the Hospital. I talked with Alex and he said we should just wait it out. So back to square one of trying again and making time pass.

Thanks for all the support everyone!


  1. Sorry to read this. But why? Did she explain her reasoning? I guess since Alex wants to wait that's what you guys will be doing, and I understand the need to take a break (it really does help), but it seems like a long time. Sorry if I'm not making you feel any better, I just understand your frustration too well. Now what project are you coming up with to keep you busy? I know I would need one. Big hugs my darling and keep that chin up.

  2. Well she didn't give a reason. But I think she just thinks because we are young that we should be able to wait. As for a project, I will continue my 365 Photo Challenge and then I have also started networking and reaching out to learn more about adoption :) Here is our facebook page for that:

  3. Ohhhh I see!
    Well I'm glad you are doing the 365 photo challenge and researching adoption, otherwise the waiting time would be excruciating! I'll still be here rooting for you =)