Thursday, June 9, 2011

Excited Part II

Ok, so my friend wasn't able to get Clomid from her doctor because of other meds she is on, he just wont let her. HOWEVER, she gave me the number so I could talk with him :)

I called and left a message and he finally called me back and we talked for a good 30 minutes. He said he knows how Alex and I feel because his wife and him went through some of the same things. He understands how waiting sucks and all of that, which is a nice change from my other OB... lol. But he said he is going to look through my charts and let me know by tomorrow what he thinks the best plan of action is! He said hopefully he can just get me in for a quick check-up and send me home with Clomid!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

*runs around room screaming with excitement*

It feels so AMAZING to finally be getting somewhere with this! Instead of going in circles with miss priss OB ! Pshft! This guy seems so nice! YAY!!! Beyond ecstatic guys!!! :D


  1. So happy for you babe. please keep me posted on EVERYTHING. i love you

  2. I will for sure!!! I love you more!!! <3 :D

  3. Oh that is fantastic new Hannah, congrats!!

    I find it so funny that it always comes down the the individual drs feelings/beliefs when it comes to certain things... so not fair. :)

  4. Hope that works quickly!!! :) I've never heard of a doc talking to an patient on the phone for that long- he sounds like he genuinely cares about his patients. Rare, important quality to find in a doctor!!
    Best of luck with this new chapter for you!