Sunday, June 12, 2011

Excited Part III

I called the doctor office back on Friday (because impatient me had to know. hahaha!) and I spoke with the doctor's nurse. She said the the doctor thought I was a great candidate, however he couldn't prescribe Clomid to me (and I felt me heart sink at this point...). And then she continued on to say that he is sending me over to another doctor (and I thought, oh great, the run around again) who does more with infertility. But then she said, "And we have an appointment set up for you on Tuesday at 10:40am and he will be talking with you about Clomid and you can leave with the prescription." I asked what all the appointment would be and she said from the looks of it, just talking and that I wouldn't even need an exam. And that's when I FREAKED OUT!!!!! WOW! After all this time and I can just get it from a doctor without having to spend bookoo money at an infertility clinic! AHHHH!!! Now all I need is AF to arrive! I will have to take a pregnancy test at the doctor's office if I don't have it by Tuesday. Friday night we went to visit my parents and when I had a moment alone with my mom, I told he about it. She was like, "Oh, I got pregnant with you on Clomid." Whoa! Did not know this info! So we talked and she and my dad tried for a year for me before she got Clomid and it only took one round! And she has a tilted uterus! Holy crap! Everything makes sense now!!!!!! It is all falling into place and I understand EVERYTHING! :D I feel like I am floating on air!!! I just can't wait until Tuesday! EEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!