Monday, June 6, 2011

Excited Doesn't Even Describe It!

Ok, so I am on CD 25 and I can't wait to test on Thursday or Friday :) But if I am not pregnant, I am even kind of more excited!

One of my best friends has had Clomid before from her OB (she has endometriosis) and we were talking last night. She said her OB just calls it in for her when they want to try (after she comes in for a quick check-up), so she is going to talk to her doctor today and make an appointment and then hopefully he will just call in a prescription for her and she will pick it up so I can have it for my next cycle! AHH!!

When she told me this, I started to cry, happy tears of course. It has been what has been holding us back from conceiving and now finally we will have our chance and I am filled with so much joy and happiness it is UNREAL! I am hoping this is it, this will be the chance we need to conceive and carry a baby to full term! Maybe even twins :D I would be fine with that! You guys really have no idea... I am crying just typing this! After two and a half years of TTC, this may be the last stretch before we have a baby of our own!


  1. That is fantastic news!!

    Just checking though; is it safe to take clomid that has been prescribed for your friend? I only ask as i'm not to sure what clomid is/how it works etc. and i wouldn't want you to put yourself in danger. :)

  2. Clomid makes you ovulate, and if I had gone through the infertility clinic like my OB is pushing me to, I would start with Clomid anyways. So I think it will be fine :D

  3. I wouldn't go obtaining something like that through someone else. There are doctors for a reason, but I know you're going to do what you want, so I just hope everything works out ok for you.

  4. Ok, well, in that case GOOD LUCK and a bucket load of baby dust!! xx

  5. Jessica- I have spoken with my OB before and she keeps telling me to go through the infertility clinic and I would be put on Clomid to start off anyways. So instead of spending thousands of dollars just to get the Clomid anyways, I am getting it from a friend for $50... I will be charting and temping just like I would have to do in the clinic; the only difference is that I won't be getting ultrasounds every other day.

    Ami- Thank you!!! :D