Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Calling Out

I received a very positive response from this post... It was actually my Facebook status yesterday, and so many of my friends who I didn't realize cared and knew about our situation, reached out to me and made me feel not only loved, but important. 
I wish I could explain how I feel...and I wish more people would understand. Only a few of you know the struggle Alex and I have been going through for three years; although I am sure some of you have caught on without us having to say anything. I just want to say thank you to all of my friends who have been supportive and understanding through all of this... It is greatly appreciated. Without you, I wouldn't have made it this far. And only a select number of you know exactly what I am going through, how I am feeling; and to you, my friends, I hope that I am just as encouraging to you as you are to me. I hope that I can give more women the inspiration to keep moving forward and not feel left behind; and most of all, I wish that we could make other women understand. Stick together ladies, we all need to support each other ♥
Anyone who feels the need to know what is going on, message me. Anyone who wants to talk, message me. Anyone who just needs someone to listen to them or someone to vent to, message me. I am here and I want to help :-)

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