Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Are you mom enough?" I've been seeing the new Time magazine cover all over the net, news, and Facebook. I wanted to give my opinion on it...

I agree that breast feeding is the best for your baby. However....I do NOT agree with breast feeding past two years old. If your child can tell you what he/she wants, and it's breast, that's not right.... I think a better option if you want to breast feed past two would be pumping and putting it in a sippy cup. I feel that it could lead to physiological problems for the child later in life (if breast feeding at four, five, or later because they will have the memory) and can lead to clingy children. All animals get weaned, and it's no different for people. I just think beyond two, actual breast feeding is a little much. What do you guys think? Please leave me comments on your opinions! :-)


  1. Ditto, totally agree with you!

    There is a follow on milk ad shown over here that states "IF you decide to move on from breast milk then our brand is the way to go..." surely it should be WHEN and not IF???

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and this post :-) Firstly congrats on your pregnancy! We didn't try for nearly as long as you guys but it did take us a while to get pregnant so I understand a little bit of the feelings and anxiety that go along with trying for more than a couple months.

    I grew up around lots of breast feeding moms. My own mom nursed my sister until she weaned herself at 3. My son is just now 1 and still nursing but mostly for comfort and antibodies at this point and when I was pregnant I didn't see myself going past a year for the same reasons you posted about. Once he was born and we got into the swing of things with breast feeding (it is hard staring out no matter how much or how little you've seen it), I couldn't imagine simply stopping at some date because I thought he was "too old". That was me though, I'm fully in support of families making decisions based on what works for them. Just because something works for me doesn't mean it will work for someone else, I try to advocate informed decisions more than preach breast feeding specifically. If you would like more information (that's based in science not old wives tales) is one of the best online resources because it has everything form medications that are safe to take while nursing to weaning tips.

    I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy and new baby! Good luck :-)