Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ER Trip

Last night at around 8pm I had a big gush of pink tinted fluid....so hubby and I rushed to the ER. They did a bunch of bloodwork and everything else. Also had an ultrasound, and although they wouldn't turn the sound on to hear baby's heartbeat, we saw it strong on the screen. He/she was dancing around like crazy <3 The doctor said that everything looks fine for now....but he said that 50% of women have normal rest of their pregnancies and 50% end up miscarrying anyways....so now it's a waiting game again...


  1. Fingers crossed this one stays strong and hangs on in there!! xxx

  2. that's disheartening news for the doctor to tell you! I know PLENTY of friends that had red blood early in pregnancy (before 12 weeks) and went on to have healthy babies. I would think that once the heartbeat is there and strong, the risk of miscarriage drastically decreases unless something hormonally is off, which they would have found through your bloodwork. Saying some prayers for you!