Monday, June 4, 2012

Long, Stressful Day

I shot a wedding as a lead photographer on Saturday. It was stressful, but once the day went a little further, it wasn't too bad. Got home at 9:30pm and couldn't fall asleep until midnight. I woke up at 1am Sunday morning and I couldn't breathe and had pain in my chest. I waited around home until 2am and it still wouldn't go away, so hubs decided to take me in. We went to the ER and they did an EKG, blood work checking for clots, listened to little bean's heart rate (was in the 140's) and a chest X-ray. They couldn't figure out anything wrong with me, so they sent me home at 6:30am. I had trouble breathing the rest of yesterday and had pain as well. My mother in law and a couple friends said it was probably an anxiety or panic attack. They said of stress builds up long enough, it will randomly come out like that or in other ways. Today I am feeling a little bit better, still having pain if I do something strenuous. I'm going to my regular OB appointment today, and I'm going to ask her about it as well. Plus I get to hear little one's heartbeat again! :-)

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