Monday, June 18, 2012

Pink or Blue?!!

So I decided to play around with the old wives tales about gender :-) Here are the results:

Heart rate: boy
Ring: boy
Chinese calendar: boy
Sweet or Salty cravings: boy
Mayans Even or Odd: girl
Key test: girl
Acne: boy
Morning sickness: boy

Well, from the tests it looks like I'm having a little boy :-) Which is what I've been feeling all along. The only test I can't do yet is the belly carrying high or low :-) I'm still not sure if I want to find out. I'm leaning more towards not knowing. Alex still says he wants to know. So we'll see! :-)


  1. For this pregnancy, every silly test said girl. This pregnancy is so different from my son's pregnancy. My gut was strong that it's a girl. Nope! All boy! I have an anatomy scan today to confirm it, but at the elective gender scan, it was obvious! Good luck making a decision whether or not to find out. I'm too much of a planner, so I had to know

  2. When we FINALLY get pregnant *sigh* my husband doesnt want to know but after waiting for so so many years i wanna know ! if u do find out i wannnnnna know LOL

  3. If I do find out, I will be posting!! Don't worry!!! :D