Monday, July 2, 2012

19 Weeks 2 Days

So the ultrasound went amazingly! I have videos and the ultrasound pictures :-) Alex was so excited when the ultrasound tech turned the screen and let him see the gender :') I didn't watch his reaction because I knew he would give it away. She also printed a picture and sealed it in an envelope and Alex hid it in the house. He has been teasing me and trying to make me want to find out... Haha! I honestly think it is really fun not knowing!!! :-)

It's really funny because when she was trying to get this image, she was chasing baby all around my stomach because he/she wouldn't stay in one spot. And being able to see him/her stretch out and kick their legs was sooo precious!!! <3 I love this little being more than life itself already!!!


  1. Awww that's a wonderful u/s image =)

  2. this has to be one of the best ultrasound pics i have ever seen... so clear!! x