Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate....

As with everything else, I have been researching like crazy to determine what is best and what will be best for baby :-)

It comes to no surprise that vaccinations is high on anyone's list of concerns and debates. They have been deemed by some to cause autism. I know lots of people advocate not to vaccinate at all! This worries me for the fact of certain illnesses coming back into the light...as proven by this link:


I am all for not shooting up our kids with a ton of poisons, however, this does not mean to not vaccinate them at all. There are vaccines that are needed for the safety of your child and others around you! There are too many sad stories of children dying because they were not vaccinated, and came in contact with the illness, when it could have been easily prevented. I've posted a link of a few myths associated with vaccines below:


Another big question is the Vitamin K shot and eye ointment at birth. From what I have been reading, the eye ointment is to prevent any type if infectious bacteria that could cause eye damage to your newborn. If you are worried about it, you can delay the eye ointment until baby is sleeping, just so that way you have more time to bond while they are awake right after birth (which is what I have decided to do for baby Anderson). As for the Vitamin K injection, there are pros and cons, as with everything else. Some say it is a must, some say it is unnecessary. I have read several articles that say if you breastfeed, it's not needed; on the other hand, some say there is not enough natural Vitamin K in breast milk to help with blood clotting problems if they were to arise. You can also have the option of oral Vitamin K or delaying the shot until your baby is sleeping (which I believe again is what I would like to do). Here is a link that will hopefully help you decide what is best for you and your baby:


I am going to be selectively choosing vaccinations, and delaying them when I can. I have the list of the shots I received as a kid and when they were administered, and I think I will use that as my guide.


  1. We are vaccinating... but we are taking our sweet time doing it. I went back and forth with this but ultimately the fear of them catching something they shouldn't won over and I'm going for it. I am still debating on whether or not I'll allow the MMR shot.. that's the one that I've read can cause Autism... as far as I'm concerned 99% of kids around them would have the shots so the chances of infection should be low... BUT I DUNNO????? It's so confusing =(

    1. I agree! It is very confusing! But that's why I figured I would use the list my mom gave me to determine what I had (because I turned out okay :) lol) and go from there to help determine if the other ones that I didn't get are really necessary.