Friday, August 17, 2012

25 Weeks 6 Days

The third class last night was great :-) More informative stuff on procedures and medications you can have during labor. Even after all of the dangers were pointed out about epidurals and being induced, I'm still the only one in the class wanting to do everything natural.... We got to tour the labor and delivery wing of the hospital as well. I had already seen it because of having to go in because baby wasn't moving. But it was awesome to learn about the safety measures the hospital has to make sure your baby cannot go missing!!! They just finished building this new wing last year, so everything is "state of the art" and it's a 'locked-down' facility; meaning the doors are locked and have to be opened by a nurse who is sitting on the other side. It makes me feel safer and makes me love that hospital even more!! :-) They were explaining how the arm bands work and how they also clip a special chip onto the baby's umbilical cord stump that if someone tried to take the baby beyond a certain point, an internal alarm would sound and the whole wing goes on lock down until the baby is accounted for. Also, they were talking how they used to check babies and bath them right away, and now they don't; they allow bonding time and wait until the baby has had at least two good breast feedings. That is awesome! I am just blown away with how they are starting to incorporate more natural techniques in, but can still be so high-tech with everything else if women want it. You order your dinner from the TV! And set up a time for your free postpartum massage on the TV as well (That's right! They give all new moms a free massage! SCORE!!). Anyways, I digress....
Here is this week's belly picture!!

I think my belly is going the wrong way (back in!)!!! LOL! But I am definitely carrying high!!