Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ranting Because I Can (and My Hormones are Off the Charts)

Attachment parenting. I hate it; well, 90% of it.
Extreme; and wasteful energy spent on catering to your child(ren); and by that I mean beyond the obvious care, love, and nurturing they need.
Baby wearing: great for out in public... At home while you are doing the dishes or cooking? Yeah, no. Beyond the age of two? Also a no; children have legs, they can use them!
Co-sleeping=dangerous. I've read horror stories of people rolling over on their child and suffocating them. Also, the bed should be for you and your husband ONLY! It is where we make love, and is NOT for a child. I was reading a blog where a woman and her husband were having sex with their 18 month old in the bed. SICK and soooo wrong!!!!! I will NEVER have my child in my bed, no matter how tired I am or what time of night it is!
Responding to "cues": I don't believe in letting them sit and cry it out. But they do not need to be picked up at every little peep they make either. That will just lead to them crying for attention or trying to get what they want.
Extended breast feeding (past two years of age)=excessive and emotionally damaging; not to mention embarrassing when your child pulls up your shirt in public or asks to nurse. I plan on breast feeding to a year old; after that, I feel there is no need for it.
No "discipline"=have you seen kids in our society now days?! They are lacking discipline and running over everyone!
Honestly....I was spanked, I slept in my own bed, and I didn't suck at my mother's tit until I was three, and I am a healthy, intelligent, well mannered, well rounded, and well behaved individual. There is a fine line, and I think what everyone needs to do as a parent is come up with what works best for them. My child will have time outs, and they will have spankings (as a last resort). They will know to respect their elders, and they will know the consequences if they don't. Also, just because I am going to discipline my children does not mean that I will not be a loving and nurturing mother.
Sorry...just really had to get that out. I'm sick of people who do attachment parenting trying to shove it down others' throats like they are better than everyone else because they do it. You want to have a needy child, fine; my child will be independent and behave because he/she will have learned from an early age. Some call me close-minded, immature, ignorant, etc. I honestly don't care about your opinions because there is no such thing as a perfect parent. I will parent how I see fit, and so will you. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one; so be on your merry way and stop trying to bash me.


  1. It doesn't help that many new parents are as young as 14 either.

  2. You have every right to parent how you see is fit. I know you would never hurt your child or put your child in danger. your going to be a fablous mom. Love you

  3. I suggest.... with no attack or anything intended that if you really don't want any of this attachment parenting.... which I think unless you have a 1,000,000 percent angel child you're going to find it *might* just be harder than you think sometimes, as I know I did.... anyways, find the book "Bringing up Bebe" It's a book about French parenting and I think just reading it could help any parent achieve a sense of calm in raising their child. I know it's helped me and I'm reading it about 6 months too late according to the French lol