Friday, August 10, 2012

24 Weeks 6 Days

Week two of birthing class last night was great! :-) It was awkward at first with my mom, but after the class got going a little bit, it was better. We practiced our breathing techniques and learned more on the stages of labor. My mom did a fantastic job being a coach and I'm hoping that even though Alex doesn't want her in the room while I am in labor, I will at least be able to have her at the hospital in case I need her if he can't comfort me.

The instructor also was talking about how if you were curious to how long you'd be in labor, you could get an idea from how long your mom was in labor. My mom looks at me and says, "You're lucky! We have good genes!" Apparently my grandma was in labor with her first for eight hours, and it was cut in half for each child she had; so by the time she had my mom, the doctor told her to not be a half hour away from a hospital at all times when she was close to term. My mom labored with my brother for eight hours (even though he was two and a half weeks overdue before she was induced!) and was only in labor with me for four and a half hours (she was induced the day after I was due). I'm hoping I get the awesome fast labor genes too!!!! Hahaha!!

Today I had a fun day out with Laura shopping :-) We of course HAD to look at baby clothes!! I found several outfits I loved, both of girl a boy, so she made a deal with me, I buy one and she will buy the other, so we have one of each gender (since she knows!!!!!)! She also wanted a picture of me with both outfits. So here ya go:

Plus we can't forget this week's belly picture!!!!

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