Monday, July 18, 2011

CD 15 Part Two

Here are the results of tonight's testing.

I figured because I have some First Response tests, that I would use one tonight to see if the little strips were working right or if they were messed up. But it seems that they are spot on with the First Response.  I think these are the darkest they have been so far.

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  1. I was reading your last post and I knew I was remembering something as to the OPKs.... I remembered it. I think Chlomid can tamper with the results of them. So my suggestion would be to ditch the OPKs, they could only stress you out. And then just BD whenever you feel like it or if you per chance notice any other signs of your body ovulating. After 2 years of trying, I just ditched everything and one day I noticed a ton of CM and just went for it! I still didn't expect a BFP, but there it was and not having worried and driven myself crazy the last month made it all the more enjoyable! Good luck!