Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Madness

Title speaks for itself! The kids at daycare were crazy today and I have had a major headache all day! I come home from work and start doing the dishes and the pipe under the sink breaks so I can't even do our dirty dishes right now!! Still haven't found out if I am pregnant or not. I would call my doctor but she would want me to come in for a blood test and that's not in the money book right now... Especially since we have to fix the kitchen sink! Kids are having a "Spring Fling" music show tomorrow night for the parents and I don't have anything to wear that is dressy enough... Alex wants to have a new roommate, and we found someone, but I don't think I want another roommate. I want to be able to be by ourselves in the house and live as a married couple and be able to do whatever we want to without having to worry about someone being here when we aren't or something going missing... And I don't want to have to worry about being quite during the day (because she works nights) and I like it just being us!!! But he sees it as extra income, which yeah, its nice, but when we have extra energy bill and extra water bill, the "extra income" really doesn't amount to much. And it really isn't worth the worry to me. He told me to stop worrying and relax; I can't, I am a chronic worrier. I will probably have an ulcer by 22 (my dad did too, that's where I get it from). *sigh* I want it to just be us...

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