Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So my dream woke me up this morning at 3AM because I was going to puke. Turns out, I was just as nauseous when I woke up as I was in the dream. I tried to steady myself, but failed miserably and managed to toss my cookies into the bathroom toilet. I kept thinking, "Why would I just all of a sudden be puking?" I also added a thought that I could be pregnant! But then I remembered one very key detail... I work at a daycare and I pick up the bugs and viruses the kids have all the time. DAMN!

So, I went back to sleep and at 8AM my boss called Alex (who was sleeping on the couch because he didn't want to get puked on. Hahaha!) and so he came in and woke me up and told me to call her. I picked up my phone (which is on silent at night) and I had two missed calls and two new voicemail. Figures... So I call my boss back and she wanted me to come in early this morning because they are down two staff at work already. But she said that Alex told her I was puking all night and so just to come in at my scheduled time, 11AM. Well no big deal to me, until I started feeling sick again recently, actually as I am typing. I know they need me, but I am feeling crappy and really don't know if I will be able to make it through work... We will see I guess!!!

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