Thursday, August 4, 2011


Negative on the blood work... WTH....


  1. Don't give up hope. Not just yet

  2. But it was a blood test... I thought those are always right! :-/ :-(

  3. I know.. but just don't give up. If you have a longer Luteral phase it could have not implanted yet, but even if it is correct you have to stay positive for next cycle. My friend went had a blood test and it was negative, she went back a week later and it was a positive blood test. I don't know how far in her cycle she had her first blood test done at. But just stay positive till AF shows, and even then I know how you will feel when it does show up, but You just keep trying. It will happen at some point. And when it does you know that the baby will be the best and most special present you can ever receive since you had to wait for it. You will never take it for granted like some people do.