Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding, Baby, and a Funeral

My last post I talked about how we had a wedding in Green Bay. We walked a block down the road to the Packers' practice field and waited for them to get done practicing. Then we yelled for them to come over and the only person who came over was #52 Clay Matthews! Here is a picture that I got of our bride and groom with him.

It was a fun night, besides being in a ton of pain from all the cramps I had.

I finally picked up my prescription and will be starting it tomorrow for my next round. I am excited, but nervous. I just want this to work more than anything in the world... I wish I could get pregnant and STAY pregnant....

My grandpa's funeral is Thursday. I am going to be so emotional... I can already feel it. I have been in a daze since I found out. I am glad he is in a better place and didn't suffer, but I am so sad he is gone. It hasn't fully hit me yet... And it probably wont until that day or when we leave that night... And we have a wedding on Friday and Saturday. I am not looking forward to those at all. Wish I could get out of them (and that is NOT me. I LOVE weddings and shooting them, I am a photographer... But I think this week will be a bit much for me and I don't know if I should really be shooting a wedding right after my grandpa's funeral. Not my decision, but what do I know...). :-/

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