Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fun Weekend :-)

Friday night Alex and I just hung around the house together and watched movies and snuggled. Yesterday we did a few little things, bought Alex a new lawn mower, and then went over to a friend's house for a little engagement celebration thing :-) We stayed the night over there. Then today we got to visit with my Uncle Ben and Aunt Donna. They drove up from Milwaukee yesterday morning. We walked all over downtown and just talked and had fun! After that Alex and I went to Menards and FINALLY got the vanity that I have been wanting in the bathroom forever! I was super excited!!! We got home, put it together, and found out we are missing some pipes. Phahaha! So it is all set up and looks great, but still not usable yet. Bummer!

I am a little stressed about tomorrow. I have two high maintenance clients coming into the office :-/ Hoping it won't be too bad...

On the TTC side of things, it's...well, whatever I guess. I am still having hot flashes. Yay me! :-P Currently CD 24. Trying not to think about things. Although I am 99% sure that this cycle didn't work. I am just so frustrated, and tired of trying... :-( I wish it was easy for us just like it is for a ton of other people. Why do we have to wait so long and have so much trouble having a baby?

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