Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In a Fog

I feel like I am in a fog... I am super tired all day and I can't seem to "wake up."

I am currently on CD31 and 14DPO. Here is a list of my current symptoms (TMI warning):

-A good amount of CM (not every day, but more than normal..)
-Very sensitive nipples
-Sore breasts
-Tired ALL DAY!
-"Foggy" head.
-Minor AF-like cramps every now and then
-Stuffy nose (and draining down my throat)
-I seem to be pretty emotional lately too...

Alex swears my boobs are bigger and he thinks I am definitely pregnant. But the tests are saying otherwise. I took one this morning and a BFN.... I am waiting to test again until Friday...


  1. Just a hopeful hint it takes me forever to test positive on a home test.With my daughter I was 8 months along before the home test came back positive.My Dr thought it would fun to see how long it took so we tested every month in the office.I have to have blood tests done.
    I hope this boosts your spirits a little bit and gook luck.Stay strong and think positive and happy thoughts.

  2. Karen- Not sure.. Usually between 28-35 days.

    Thanks for the hopefulness :) I am just bummed I guess because last year I got a faint positive the day my period was due and then a BFP two days later.