Thursday, August 25, 2011

Over Stimiulated, Over Irritated, and I Just Don't Give a Damn.

I am having hot flashes, which is weird and freaking me out. I am stressed, and I am irritated with stupid people BEYOND words. I almost got into two accidents today because of idiot drivers. Then I get to work and there was a complaint about a picture that was picked up yesterday (when it was picked up, they told me they loved it!). Freaking bridezilla... Then I work all day on doing mileage logs, which wasn't too bad, just time consuming. And to top it all off, someone I know is going to name her daughter and the initials are KKK. Ummm, yeah, think it over a little more hunny! Your kid is going to be picked on SOOOO bad in school. But, she is a... how do I say this nicely... caucasian motor home type... I am NOT grouping everyone who lives is trailers together, but she is PURE white trash. I am trying to be delicate about it, but there really is nothing else to say but that about her. :-/

Anyways, currently CD21 and the OPKs are getting a hint lighter this evening. We BDed the last three nights and are skipping tonight and resuming tomorrow. Hahaha! Need a little break tonight ;)

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