Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Next Step

Well, I just talked with my OB again. Normally he doesn't like to go up in dosage amounts for Clomid, but I begged him to let me try the 100mg dose. He said he likes that I am ambitious. Haha... He also says that he is pretty confident that we will get pregnant soon and that we are doing the right things. He was bummed that I wasn't pregnant this round... You're not the only one Dr. Lee! :-( So I guess it is on to the next cycle... Just waiting for good ol' Aunt Flow to arrive....

I never thought that when we started TTC, that it would be this long before we have a baby. I know people think we are crazy, but this is what we want most in the world right now! I thought I would have a baby by now... I never thought I would not have a baby by 22. It really irks me that people I know who are younger than me, and not in very good relationships are having children, some have more than one!  I don't want to be an old mom! And at this rate, I will be 40 when my son/daughter will graduate high school! :-( This majorly sucks.... I thought I would be lucky and get pregnant on the first cycle of Clomid, just like my mom did. I guess my body does hate me.

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  1. Yeah I know how that sucks.... I thought the same thing and I turned 23 a few months ago. It sucks. :-(