Friday, July 30, 2010

Eight Hour ER Visit

So I was doing good yesterday besides being a little upset. At about 7pm I started getting this really bad cramps. SO I ended up taking some pain pills and at 8:30pm we decided to go in because the pain was just getting worse. So we got to the ER and they were busy (again. WTH?!) but they gave me a room first before the other people because I was crying I was in so much pain. So they do some blood work and ask a bunch of questions then they started an IV. Well they gave me two shots of morphine and I was STILL feeling the pain. So they called the OBGYN that was on that night. She was delivering two babies and then she would be down to talk with me. Well they had another OB give me a pelvic exam to check if my cervix was open or not. It wasn't; which meant that everything that was trying to pass couldn't and that's what was causing me pain. The OB on call finally came down at 11pm and asked a lot of questions and gave me some options. She said I needed a D&C and either I could have it done last night or today. I figured since I was already there that it would just be easier to get it done and over with. I didn't get into the O.R. until about 12:15am and I woke up in the recovery room at about 2:15am. I was in pain and feeling sick. So they gave me some nausea meds and more pain killers. I fell back asleep until 3:10am. They offered to let me stay the night but I just wanted to get home. So we got a prescription filled at Walgreen's and by the time we finally got home it was close to 5am. Then poor Alex had to go to work at noon because his boss called and said they really needed him.

I am doing really good right now. Not hardly any pain (thank god!) and only a little sick to my stomach. But I am super tired so I think I am going to go lay back down.

Thanks for reading.

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