Saturday, July 24, 2010

This Just Stinks!

We made plans to go to Country Jam today to see Billy Currington! I was SOOOOO excited!!! We had wanted to go but couldn't get the tickets. Then my mom called and said she would give us her general admission tickets because she had won VIP! I was super jealous and I told her she should give us the VIP ones, but she wouldn't. lol. Then yesterday Alex's parents invite us to go with them to a truck show in Abbottsford (like 2 hours away). I was pissed when Alex said we would go! "I have had this planned for two months." Then why did I never hear anything about it?! And we have had Jam planned since last year when we found out Billy Currington was going to be there! (So the whole reason on why we LOVE Billy Currington is because our song ((that Alex picked out)) is by him. Its called Must Be Doin Somethin Right). Well there was no point in me going by myself to Jam because I would be missing the whole point (being with Alex)! So I filled my mom in that she should find someone else to give the tickets to... :(

So then I kind of got excited about going to the truck show. It could be fun, right? I could get some cool pictures of some pretty Semi's. Well that plan was shattered this morning when Alex's boss calls and tells him he was scheduled to come in at 7:30am. And Alex was pissed at his boss. Its not his bosses fault at all, its his own for not looking at his schedule. BUT I didn't tell him that because he was already in a pissy mood and I didn't want to make things worse. So I guess we will see where the day goes from here. It will be too late to go to the truck show by the time he gets home. And too late to go to Country Jam because my mom will already be inside and she probably gave the tickets away (even though Billy Currington wont be on the stage until 7pm). So this just plain stinks! I have nothing to do, all our plans are shot, and I am upset that I don't get pictures of EITHER things I wanted to today!


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