Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy Day!

Yesterday was a great day, after I got done with work that is. Hahahaha :) Came home and paid some bills then my little sister (she really isn't my sister, but I have known her for so long and she is my best friend, we just refer to each other as sisters) came over and the three of us went for a really long walk. It was a lot of fun being with Alex and her and walking on the bike trail in town here. And we got home just in time because a big storm was rolling through! Last night in the middle of the night the worst of it was going through and Alex and I pulled the love seat up to the front windows and just sat and watched the storm. So intimate and romantic!

Well we have a busy day today! At 9AM we are going to FINALLY sign on the car loan!!! This whole thing started in the beginning of February! I needed a new car, so we found one we liked, sold my old one, and signed the loan. All fine and dandy, right? Not so much! The car we signed a loan for had a transmission put into it before we bought it. Then after we had it about two days, there was a funny vibration and we had it looked at and the senior tech at the dealership said that it was the motor mounts and they would order the parts and put them in and it would be no problem. So the next Monday we had an appointment to get the parts put in. They looked over the car again and then said it was the transmission, not the motor mounts! BOGUS! So we had to get a rental from them, and it took them four days to find a transmission to put into it, and it was coming from Indiana. So another week goes by and they finally put the other transmission in and this is right before we go on a trip to South Carolina to visit my dad. Well Alex went to pick up the car and it was doing the same thing and the tech looked over it and sure enough, that tranny was bad too!!! What the hell! So they gave us a 2010 Ford Fusion to drive down to South Carolina and we were happy and they were ordering another tranny to put in. We got back from South Carolina, went to exchange cars, and the new transmission they just put in was doing the same thing. So we told them we don't want the car anymore. That was March 24th. So they were helping find us a new car and we went back and forth and tried to get approved for several different ones, well each time it was pinging our credit. So we finally found one we liked and were for sure going to get, applied for a loan on it and got approved for $273 a month, all we needed were two of Alex's recent paycheck stubs. Well he works concrete, so he is laid off in the winter and hadn't started back yet, but he had worked the beginning of April for two weeks for a company his dad works for. So we took those paycheck stubs in and instead of putting it towards the application that we already had, she REAPPLIED so then it pinged our credit again! Well, we got approved, but at $301 a month! So our interest rate went up and then she told me that we STILL needed a damn paycheck stub from his usual work! So all that was for NOTHING!!!!! Now we have a higher monthly payment because some stupid people can't do things right and they wont take it back either! >[ Its so frustrating! And I can't wait to just sign the papers and get it over with! Oh, and by the way, we were still supposed to be making payments on the other car that we lemoned out and don't even HAVE! That system is screwed up!

Anyways, I must be getting ready so we can go sign that loan and get on with things! Going to be a busy day! Have a birthday party to go to, a wedding, a party at the bar Alex's cousin owns, and we have my work party that consists of bar hopping! Fun day! Hope I don't have a hangover tomorrow!!!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I took another test this morning; negative. So its definitely safe to say that I really don't think I am pregnant!

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