Sunday, May 30, 2010

Did I? Hahaha!

So I went to bed at about 10PM last night. Alex didn't get home until 3AM and I figured he would sleep in until 11AM because that would be a full night sleep for him. Well I ended up sleeping that long too!!! Thirteen hours of sleep!!! Ahhh, it feels amazing to finally catch up on some sleep. I know at some point that will all come to an end when we have a little one, but thats ok because i will be worth it!

Speaking of little ones, I had a bad headache last night and the ladies were sore (and still are this morning), plus I had a bit of cramping early this morning (at like 6AM) so I am thinking miss aunt flow will be visiting very soon! And even though I said I was going to wait to take a test, I took one yesterday morning and it was negative... If I dont have my period by June 7th, and I have not gotten a positive test, I am going to the doctor because something is wrong. But the goos news is, I dont have anymore tests in the house, so now I can MAKE myself not take any until June 6th! Tehehe :)

Thanks for reading!

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