Monday, May 24, 2010

A Little Disappointed

So I finally heard back from that girl last night. And she said that she was not looking to put her baby up for adoption. I am a little sad, but I knew starting out with that there was only a very slim chance she would go for it. Oh well I guess...

On another note, the weather is sickeningly humid and its going to be a HOT one today! I can stand the heat, but I don't like the humidity too!

I also found some Amoxicillin that I have had for a while that I am calling to see if it would be ok to take to treat the UTI if I think I might be pregnant. Well crap! I was on the line talking with her and she was getting my number and my stupid POS phone disconnected her! GAH! Now I have to hold again... Great, now she tells me that I should really just go get seen at Urgent Care. I guess I will be going after work then!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Sorry about the disappointment of her saying no, it was worth a try though. Hugs!