Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've Seen Better Days

Although I have to admit today was a great day!!!! The weather was a lot better and I worked with the four year olds today. It was a lot of fun! We took a big piece of paper (about 6' long and 4' wide) and taped it to the fence outside. Then we took spray bottles, set on a mist, and put water and food coloring in it for them to spray the paper with. They had an absolute blast!!!

Next week when we all come back after Memorial Day, they are going to be switching the kids up to the next group. So all my normal group of three and a half year olds (almost all four now) are going to be moving up the the 4K room, all the three year olds (now three and a half) are moving up to my normal room. So I am curious to see where they are going to have me at in the center because there are not as many three and a half year olds as there were with my now four year old group. I have been with this group since September, and I would love it if I was able to move up with them for the summer. Also, as soon as school gets out, there will be school aged children (all under 12) added to the mix. We are pushing ratio with the number of teachers we have now, so I think they may hire someone else. Especially since one of the teachers is going to be quiting soon. I guess I have to wait and see! Tomorrow the schedule will be up for next week, so I will know soon enough.

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