Saturday, May 22, 2010


So, I dont know if anyone remembers that I posted about finding out that this girl is pregnant that drinks and parties and what not. But Alex and I talked last night, and we are going to see if she would want to put the baby up for adoption! I sent her a message on facebook this morning to see if she would meet up with us sometime today, but she hasn't messaged me back... :( We weren't really friends in high school, so I guess I dont blame her for thinking that it was really weird of me to message her and want to meet up somewhere. I dont think she will go for it... But I know that we could provide a better life for her child than she could, especially with her wanting to go out and party. We talked for over a hour last night about all of this and we agree that it would be a really great thing to do if she would agree to it too.

Wish us luck and cross your fingers!!!!

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  1. Wow it sounds like you really would provide a much much better life for the baby, I hope she contacts you soon and agrees to meet up. It sounds like a great opportunity! Good luck!!!!