Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh geez! Haha!

Another great day!!! Except the bout of nausea and bad stomach ache this afternoon. Probably coming down with another stomach bug from the kiddos! Anywhoo! Had an early day; was done at three thirty, so two hours earlier than normal. And then Alex calls me and says to be ready when he gets home. SO I have my shoes on and I am out the door when he pulls in the drive. We hop into my car and are off!! He tells me he found a moped for seven hundred dollars that he would really like to show me. I go along with it, thinking I will just talk him out of it after he looks at it. Well we get there and look at it, and Alex sells the whole "it will save gas" idea (which I know it will anyways) then the guy offers him a beer and me a soda. Ok, so an extra fifteen minutes... Well we talked and bullshitted with this guy; a very nice old man! We ended up being there for TWO HOURS!!!! Holy cow!!! And he talked me into letting him get the moped :P Hahaha... And he set up a plan with Woody, the very nice old man, and I guess we will be getting a moped soon! Hahaha!!! Goofy boy! Him and his toys, but that's why I love him!

Here is the picture of him playing around with it:

P.S. Still no sign of aunt flow...

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