Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am Thinking Too Hard!

I wonder if thinking could ever kill a person... Because I am thinking about the baby thing too much!!! I woke up this morning with weird dull, achy cramp like things, but no aunt flow yet... So I am positive she will arrive today sometime! Hope its before I go to work at least so I don't get a surprise while I am there! Hahaha... And poor Alex. He has been sick for a couple days with some type of stomach bug! And he had to be in at 5AM today! But he took a cool picture of his cement truck and sent it to me. I think its a really cool picture!

The Big Bad Bitch (as Alex lovingly calls her):


  1. haha that is a cool shot of the Big Bad Bitch!

    Let me tell you, if thinking too much about the baby thing could kill a person I am totally a ghost right now lol
    I know how difficult it is, and how impossible it is to NOT think about it, so all I can do is wish you luck that your stressing and thinking days are over soon. Well not completely over, after that phase is the "I'm pregnant thinking phase" hope you get there soon =)

  2. Thanks! :) And I hope I get there soon too!!! Its been such a long road, I am just ready to travel on a different path, the one that I am pregnant!